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In this series, the SPEAKER [acronym] Series, we will be inviting women thought leaders, from around the world and across all sectors who are actively engaged in these areas of focus into dialogue to share their work and ideas. This will happen through live, interactive sessions, which will be open to anyone ready to join the dialogue and contribute her thinking and support to this very important work. This is the foundational purpose of the Magnolias: to cross-pollinate ideas, build on actions already proven to be effective, seed new collaborations, build a more connected community of women leaders, and accelerate progress to these 2030 goals.

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"Climate justice is all-encompassing. This term acknowledges the intersecting effects of climate change, including environmental, economic, migration, health, food and security, racial, socio-cultural, and legislative."


Call to Action

  1. Educate yourself

  2. Get involved with a local environmental group

  3. Have the conversation with others—invite them to join you in taking action.

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