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Krytzia Dabdoub


Krytzia is a contemporary artist that evoques the elements-including earth, sand, leaves and debris-in her very large format paintings, expressing her passion for nature through texture and movement. Through her art, she wants to create awareness about the frailty of nature and its perfect ecosystem.

Born in Mexico City, Krytzia studied art in Paris, France at ESAG, Met de Penninghen 1989-90. In Madrid with artist Manuel Arjona Studio 1992-94, Photography in Barcelona at  CEV Centro de Estudio del Video1995-96, Art in Caracas,Venezuela with Gladys Medina, in New York at the Art Students League 2010-15 and in Northern California 2015- present.  Art History in Paris, France at the Louvre 2004 and  Christie’s Education 2006. 

Always curious, she has absorbed different cultures, learning new techniques, joining workshops and painting alongside many artists she has developed her own style. 

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