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PLANT Series

We are launching this collaborative during the time of COVID through our PLANT Series of videos introducing the Founding Magnolias and their work and the vision for the impact we aspire to have in the world. First and foremost is our desire to connect and collaborate with other women and organizations that are committed to these issues, and to pollinate ideas and actions that can accelerate our collective ability to achieve the climate and SDG 2030 goals. You can find the first set of videos here, and the balance will be available to watch in the coming days.


Saying Hello!

Check out these videos to learn more about the women of Magnolia Moonshot 2030 and stay tuned for more!

Darcy Winslow
Anne Murray Allen
Laura Schmitt Olabisi
Kim Kita
Denise Harrington
Michele Hunt
Ina Gjikondi
Tanya Davis
Sara Heppner-Waldston
Roberta Baskin
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