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GROW Series

In the third series, GROW, we will showcase and support girls and women creating and leading innovative approaches to addressing one or more of our focus areas: climate justice, the SDG’s and equality and equity.  Our hope is that these examples inspire others to take action, to learn from each other, to collaborate, and together further our efforts to achieve our 2030 goals.

Our Future Logo

“Our Future” is a project by Beyonders Foundation, in partnership with the Magnolia Moonshot 2030, to support the growth of young female climate activists. Do you know a 14-18 year old girl that is passionate about climate change, and interested in joining the first cohort with other girls from countries around the world? They will create a project together, receive mentoring, learn about leadership and form their own learning and action based network for life! For more information, contact or Our future depends on it!

The Goal
Create a platform for Young Female Climate Activists:

Join 10 girls from 10 different countries
• Create a project around climate change
• Develop as a leader
• Build an international network of change makers
• Help make the world a little better
• Inspire each other

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• 14-18 year old girl in high school

• Big passion to fight climate change
• Able to understand and speak English
• Committed to join all sessions with active participation

How to apply:
Send motivation video or email before Dec 15th to

Join Us

We are looking for participants with the following profile:

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*​ 2 individual mentoring sessions defined by participants and our amazing support team of female mentors.

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Program Outline
2 Learning journeys in one:

​Personal Mastery

  • Get to know yourself

  • Authentic leadership

  • Leading with purpose

  • Mentoring sessions*


  • Get to know yourself

  • Authentic leadership

  • Leading with purpose

  • Mentoring sessions*

• 6 month project, topic determined by the participants
• Personal growth support in group sessions
• 6 group 90 min. zoom web meetings (1x per month)
• Additional group work between participants
• 2x 1-on-1 mentoring with female mentor (60mins)

For any additional questions, please visit or contact us via:


This Is Us, an initiative focused on gender inclusivity, is incubated at the Jaulian Project.

Founded by 2 young Pakistani girls who hoped to empower the community of women around them, This Is Us is aimed at fostering a spirit of inclusivity & reclaiming spaces for young girls aged 8 - 18.

In the past, This Is Us has organised awareness campaigns and runs for young girls. Its latest project was founded to overcome the constraints of the pandemic - DISCOVER, a leadership development program that has two cohorts within a year.

The Goal




 make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.


Through This Is Us, we aim to empower females and provide a voice to our youth in order to build a better future. Alongside, we wish to build confidence in young women by breaking social barriers.




 redeem from a state of vice; reform.


Reclaiming the public space on our own terms, as females, is animportant goal of ours.

We strive to ensure that women feeling comfortable and safe in the public space is not something unaccustomed, and instead, is the norm. 





cause to continue for an extended period or without interruption. 

We endeavour to leave a lasting impact and cause constructive change; bettering conditions for the future generation.

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