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The DreamMakers in this book are redefining success for the 21st century from money and power for the few, to well being and flourishing for all.

Michelle Hunt shines a light on the compelling stories of business innovators, social entrepreneurs, community leaders, and cross-world movements, who believe that people and the planet are sacred, so they lead their businesses and organizations with the greater good in mind. These generous people share the defining moments in their personal journeys, their vision, values and results, and what they are learning along the way. They show us how they are innovating for the greater good and making their personal hopes and dreams come true. 


Her hope is that these stories will help to unleash the DreamMaker in all of us to pursue a vision of worldwide flourishing.

Inspiring both for who they are and for what they have accomplished, the extraordinary people, organizations and communities profiled in DreamMakers offer new insights into how they achieved their hopes and dreams with integrity and compassion. In their own words, these inspiring people tell their stories of leading grand scale transformations in the face of resistance, fear and adversity. They candidly share their personal stories, their struggles and their triumphs. In the mist of an era of failing institutions, communities in transition and fragile economies, these DreamMakers have discovered the art and science of making their hopes and dreams come true. Regardless of their age, gender, ethnic background, geography, socio-economic condition or circumstances, they found ways to transform chaos into opportunities. They are not blind optimist; rather, they use their struggles and the realities of the world to fuel their passion to create new, healthier organizations, communities, and lives.


The stories in this book demonstrate what all of us can accomplish once we unleash the DreamMaker within – a capacity for visionary leadership that can promote profound change. These “pockets of hope” inspire us to transform our lives, our organizations, institutions, and our communities, to create a better world.

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In the midst of this chaotic world we are developing self-care protocols and gaining inner peace like monks and mystics of old.

You can change your lifestyle and feel the peace and tranquility of a monk or mystic in the midst of a hectic urban environment. Instead of trouncing off to a monastery or medicating to relieve the symptoms of modern life, why not dig deeper and develop positive habits to cope with every day stresses and transform your interior life? This book integrates positive psychology and spirituality to show you how to integrate Scriptures, experiences with God and self-care protocols to achieve grace, solace, and inner joy.

Tanya G. Davis is a Philanthropist and Narrative Writer who believes that stories connect and create waves of empathy, which allow us to bear witness with each other. She is the author of May I Please Speak With My Father and Don’t Want to Shame My Fathers Name, books that explore the relationship between earthly fathers and our Heavenly Father. Tanya has a BA in Counseling from DePaul University and a Masters in Writing from Lenoir-Rhyne University.

I Choose Love is an invitation to define love for yourself; to create a brave space where you can be ALL of you; to accept the stuff you like and the stuff you don’t; reveling in the light that sets you free, letting go of the darkness that’s buried in your soul.  Who cares what they think?  No one knows you as well as you.  The first step to bring love into the world is to love your whole self.

Join Sara as she guides you on a journey of the senses, offering different paths to step out of your routines and into your flow, where mind, body, and heart dance together.  This interactive journal allows you to connect in your way.  Reflect on her anecdotes and words of wisdom.  Express yourself in the journaling pages.  Find inspiration from her vibrant illustrations.  Discover yourself in the quiet moments.

This reflective companion can accompany you no matter where you are on your journey. Love is always near.

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