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Rosy D'amico


Rosy is CEO of Burnout Institute; their purpose is to eradicates burnout disease (chronical stress) from humanity. She has been working around 20 years in México, Europe and USA giving workshops, conferences, coaching and trainings in stress, emotions, communication, and time management.

Her main purpose is that people overcome and have information about this disease, and the most important thing is that they have solutions to create a new way of creating balance between work and family.

She has a major in Marketing, Master's degree in Ericksonian Psychotherapy, Diplomat in happiness science in Berkeley University, Diplomat in Leading Organizations and Change in MIT University

She is a certified consultant of NeuroChangeSolutions Dr. Joe Dispenza Leadership program and is certified coach in systemic therapy by Anthony Robbins.

Recognized by Forbes in creating spaces that provide well-being, inspiration and invigorate the work environment, also wrote a book called "The Power of Being with You".

Rosy is the creator of Refresh methodology, a program that helps people, teams and companies to eradicate the burnout from their life through learning energy, stress, time and emotional management.

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