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Ina Gjikondi is a teacher, speaker, mother, alchemist, innovator, poet, modern mystic and co-curator of creative learning experiences that expand consciousness with the goal of One Shared Humanity.

Ina serves as the Director of Executive Education & Coaching and as the Founder & e-Co Leadership Coaching Program Director at the George Washington University’s Center for Excellence in Public Leadership.

Ina works with people across the globe to awaken the leadership and creative capacity for active imagination, resilience and joy. Her focus is in cultivating capacities that support people and organizations to think from a whole person and whole systems perspective in a way that gets us deeply in touch with our own humanity and helps us heal our connection within systems, from the cellular level of our being to the cellular level of our humanity. Prior to moving to the US, Ina was an active UN advocate, political campaign professional and founder of several nonprofit organization in her native home of Albania. She is inspired by her son Hadrian, who teaches her to slow down and show up for life with genuine curiosity. To develop this creative dialogue, she founded Hadrian Series, a learning hub to support families through embodied conversations, celebrating the wonders of life everyday.

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