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Jaqueline Cambata


Jacqueline Cambata has held executive positions in the aviation, design and chemical industries over the past thirty years. Most recently, she led the transformation of StarPort Aviation, as President, into a vision and values focused company, establishing sustainable profitability and successfully negotiating its’ acquisition. Prior to leading StarPort, she established Cambata Designs as a way to model her passion of for-profit companies fundamentally engaging in social issues – in this case to address the 1st and 4th UN Sustainable Development Goals: No Poverty and Quality Education.  She serves on the Advisory Boards of the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit, The Academy for Systems Change, Earth’s Call Fund, and Images and Voices of Hope. Jacqueline was a founding member and Board member of the World Business Academy. She was featured in Jim Liebig’s book, Merchants of Vision.

Jacqueline is inspired to continue on a path of authentic remembering that we are all souls of eternal love. As Adyashanti states in his book, The End of Your World: “From this awakened perspective, there isn’t any separation anywhere-not in the world, not in the universe, not in all the universes everywhere.”

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