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Sara Heppner’s passion for creative communication comes from a lifetime of formal artistic training, highly focused listening and a belief in the need for connection. As a graphic facilitator, she captures the essence of group dialogue in a highly visual format thereby enhancing communication, inspiring creativity and enabling co-creation. “Visuals cross all barriers… they allow us to understand our differences and discover our sameness.”

Sara is driven by partnering with groups to help them think and act on a human level, in their personal lives, their professional environments and in the world at large. She is a member of The Academy for Systems Change and focuses on working with organizations that strive to bring socio-economic, ecological and spiritual well-being in the world.  Some of the companies Sara has had the privilege of working with include Air Canada, Amnesty International, Canadian Human Rights Commission, His holiness the Dalai Lama, Seventh Generation and the United Nations.

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